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Stronghold 2

Change greeting voice:
Enter your lords name as "Megalord" (without quotes); and when you
start the game, instead of the regular greeting, it will say
"greetings Megalord"
Starwars Easter Egg:
Enter your lords name as "Lord Vader" (without quotes); and when
you start the game, instead of the regular greeting, it will
say "Greetings Lord Vader; Obi Won has taught you well, but you
are not a jedi yet..."
Potty Humor:
Enter your lords name as "Flying Poo" (without quotes); and when
you start the game, instead of the regular greeting, it will
say "Greetings...FLYING POOOOO!!!"
Smart Aleck Greeting:
Enter your lords name as "Fertile01" (without quotes); and when
you start the game, instead of the regular greeting, it will
say "Greetings Fertile01, or whatever the hell your name is!"


Stronghold Crusader

Press [Shift] on the main menu. During game press backspace and type
yes and you will have unlimited gold and have 50 peasents avalible.
Press [Enter] on the main menu and you will hear a clunck and during game
press [Backspace] and type "invincible" and you will have an invincible
crusader and your men will be invicible as well.
At the Main Menu, press [Shift] + [Alt] + [A] to enable cheat mode. Now
during gameplay, press any of the following:
[Alt] + [C] - All Missions
[Alt] + [K] - Free Building, No Resources Required
[Alt] + [X] - 100 Popularity and +100 Gold
Bonus peasants
You can get lots of extra peasants (more than the limit of 24) by
doing the following. Put your Quarries and Oxen to sleep. Now there
will be that many more available when buying Swordsman etc. Just wake
them up when you are done. This is useful if you don't want to wait
until for your Peasants to fill up the campfire, or you just need them
right away.
At the main menu hold down shift and ctrl and you will hear a bell.
Then as your playing the game you will have infinate gold.
Here are cheat codes for both the shareware and the full version:
Shareware Version:
KILLEM - kill all enemies on level
STUFF - invincibility, all weapons and keys, and a teleporter beacon
IBGOD - invincibility
LISTIT - accessories
OPEN - all keys stealth boots
MONEY - money and toughness
GOTO## - warp to level ## (32-34)
GUNS - all weapons
MOVEME# - teleport to map spot
IDDT - full map toggle (use when looking at map)
ILIVE - auto use health toggle (Same as pressing F5)
AIBRAIN - AI toggle
SPIRIT - no clipping mode
IDMYPOS - display co-ordinates
IDMUS## - chang music to track ## (01-10)
TIC - devparm Toggle
Full Version:
STONECOLD - kill all enemies on level
OMNIPOTENT - invincibility
JIMMY - all keys
DONNYTRUMP - all money and artefacts
PUMPUP - accessories
GRIPPER - stealth boots
RIFT## - warp to level ##
BOOMSTIX - all weapons
TOPO - full Map toggle (use when looking at map)
LEGO - one piece of the Sigil each time its used
SCOOT# - teleport to map spot
ELVIS - no clipping mode
GPS - display co-ordinates
DOTS - FPS Ticker
SPIN## - switch music to track ## (00-35)


Stronghold Legends

Easy money:
At the start of a scenario you are required to build a stockpile with no cost.
After you build the required granary you can delete the stockpile for gold,
then build another one for free. Repeat this for quick money. You can use
this trick to get your buildings up early. Just use the trick, set up a
market, and just buy raw materials needed to purchase buildings and units.
Note: Materials in the stockpile disappear if you delete the building.
Take advantage of pausing the game. Defenses and units will be waiting
long before the enemy has a chance to blink.


Stronghold: 2001

Free items:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file;
create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.
Use a text editor to edit the \"game info\" file in
the \"stronghold\" folder. Change all the values to
zero to make everything in the game free.
Select the start menu, click search for files or folders,
search for Stronghold, it should find a FOLDER!
With Stronghold written on it, open it then select game
info, change every number to 0 and save it, then
everything should be free!!!
Keep bears away:
When bears kill civilians, your popularity decreases.
To avoid this, simply build a wood fence around a bear
when it appears.
Endless Stones/Cows for Siege Equipment:
This requires you to have some gold at the beginning of
the siege to work. When used in conjunction with the
trainer "strongholdtrn11.zip" you can have virtually
endless pieces of equipment.
When either your trebuchets or catapults run out of
stone and cows during a siege, follow these steps to
get more of each:
Highlight the now empty equipment. You'll see 3 green
arrows fanning outwards, indicating you want your
engineers to leave it. Click on it to do so, and they'll
now be free for other tasks. You can let the equipment stay
to draw any fire off your troops, or decommission it to clear
the way. Just make sure you command your engineers to leave
it first, or else you'll lose them! The engineers are key,
so be sure to move them to a safe location. **NOTE** --
You can also use this option for mobile shields, battering
, or any other equipment you don't think you'll be using
to free up additional engineers.
Select a "cannon fodder" troop, such as a spearman. Creep him
towards the opposing castle's walls to check the range of any
defending weapons. Once this range is found, post one of these
troops there as a "marker" for the next step.
Have only one engineer begin building a trebuchet or catapult
*just behind* the marker troop. You want only one in case the
larger object (the equipment) triggers a volley of enemy fire
that way you'd lose only one.
Once completed, let loose! You'll notice you now have 20
stone and at least 2 cows for the new equipment. When it's
"gone dry," reassign those engineers to build a new piece,
and you'll again have 20 stone and 2 cows.
Repeat as necessary, from all possible angles. Using this
technique, it's possible to destroy a castle from right
around an enemy, and a good many of the bad guys as well.
Then you only need to send in your remaining troops to "mop up."
Cheat Mode/Codes:
At the main menu, press Shift+Alt+A to enable cheat mode. During
gameplay you can now use the following codes:
[Alt] + [K] - Building is free, no resources are required
[Alt] + [C] - Access to all missions at campaign selection screen
[Alt] + [X] - Add 1000 gold and set popularity to 100
Stopping Bear Attacks:
(submitted by: Shyguy 6960)
When you see a bear appear or hear of one attacking, just build
a wooden wall around it and soon it will die. Or you can send
your Archers to kill it, which is a quick way of stopping bears
and gaining popularity.
Destroying the Enemy quickly:
In order to destroy your enemy, place as many Archers as you
can on the wall facing the sign post. A small number of Archers
can take out a reasonable size army

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